About Kape at Sining

Here at Kape at Sining, it’s more than just art and coffee - it’s all about you, our artists, and our farmers.

Kape at Sining believes that the finest art and coffee are those that enrich lives. For art and coffee are not just brush strokes and sweet-smelling novelties - they are sources of joy, dreams, and livelihood for you and their makers. Hence, proceeds from each bag of beans and every piece of art that you purchase go towards the same artists and farmers who nurtured the wonders in your cup and on your home’s walls.

Kape at Sining is proud to sell local beans grown by farmers from all over the Philippines. Check out our products and place an order to have the richness of Philippine art  and coffee  delivered to your doorstep now.

Our Story

It all began with five graduate students who, despite differences in their backgrounds and professions, shared a common love for people, art, and coffee. Tasked to put up an online business for a class, the cohort envisioned a project that would help them use their manifold passions to serve their communities.

The Kape at Sining Mission

Since its establishment, Kape at Sining has been committed to providing the finest of Philippine art and coffee as it uplifts the people behind these crafts - one cup and one canvas at a time.